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The Ultimate Guide to the Essential Wine Tools


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How to Choose The Only Wine Tools You Need

As a sommelier and wine content creator, I’ve been trying wine tools for a while now, and I want to share with you the ones that have become indispensable in my journey. These tools are essential for anyone looking to approach their wine experience with confidence, whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a curious beginner.


Wine glasses


Red Wine Glasses

The foundation of any wine geek toolkit, a high-quality red wine glass is essential for fully appreciating the flavours and aromas, especially the full-bodied ones. The specific shape and curvature of the glass are designed to enhance the tasting experience, elevating every sip to a moment of pure delight. Here you find two models. The Burgundy one suits more wines like Pinot Noir or even oaked white ones, while the Bordeaux glass is more indicated for powerful reds like Bordeaux blends, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Rioja.

Burgundy Glasses – Set of 4

Bordeaux Glasses – Set of 6

White Wine Glasses

Equally important as red wine glasses, the ones for white wines are made to ensure that the delicate nuances and refreshing characteristics of white wines are fully realised, enriching the overall tasting experience. The model defined as “universal” can be used for this style of wines as well as for sparkling. Here’s the model I use.

Universal Glasses – Set of 6



If you don’t like to use a regular wine glass when it comes to sparkling, you can go for a set of sleek and captivating flutes. The effervescent allure of these flutes enhances the visual and aromatic aspects of sparkling, making every celebration memorable. There are different styles. I’d suggest the model called “tulip” as ideal for more structured sparkling wines like Champagne or Franciacorta but also for more delicate and aromatic ones like Prosecco.

Flutes – Set of 2


Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

Whether it’s a picnic in the great outdoors or a casual gathering, the convenience and durability of stainless steel wine glasses are unmatched. They provide a perfect blend of style and functionality while keeping the wine at the ideal temperature, ensuring every sip is as enjoyable as the first. I started to use them recently, a lot during my trips in Scotland with the van, but they’re super useful at home too. This is my favorite model and brand at all.

Stainless Steal Wine Glasses – Set of 2


Bottle Openers


Screw Cork AKA Waiter’s Friend

There are plenty of different shapes, colours, and price bottle openers. Personally, I’m not a fan of fancy ones. This guy, a reliable and time-tested waiter’s friend, often referred to as the screw cork, is the essential tool for effortlessly opening bottles and the only one I’d suggest you go for, unless you want to experiment with funner ones.

Screw cork


Double-Bladed Bottle Opener

A double-bladed bottle opener ensures that uncorking an old bottle is a seamless and swift process, making sure that the wine is ready to be savoured without any hassle. You don’t necessarily need it, but in case you manage to open old vintages quite often, this is the best tool to use as it’s more delicate on a cork which might not be in optimal conditions.

Double-Bladed Bottle Opener





Let’s take this chance to debunk a myth. Decanters don’t make your wine taste better, don’t improve the quality, and are not essential for every single red. The main functionalities of a decanter are to oxygenate the wine in order to release certain compounds, and, more importantly, since the oxygenation can happen directly in the glass too, we need it to separate the wine from sediments that can occur in the bottle. Again, you’ll find in the market any sort of shape and price range for decanters, this is the one I suggest you at a good quality and price average.

Decanter + Stainless-Steel Cleaning Beads

Design Curve Decanter 


Wine Bottle Rack



Organising and displaying a collection of wines is a source of pride for any enthusiast, plus, a good way to keep it away from the kitchen and all sorts of places where you shouldn’t store it. Here is a nice one to use. When you’ll have so many bottles that this won’t be enough I’ll tell you how to build a cellar.

8 Bottle Wine Rack

23 Bottle Wine Rack


Wine Preservers


For long periods preservation

The Coravin preserver, equipped with innovative technology, allows for pouring a glass of wine without removing the cork, ensuring that the remaining wine maintains its freshness for a very extended period. This is the ideal tool if you want to enjoy wine one glass at a time. Personally, I love it!

Coravin Timeless

For short periods preservation

When it’s necessary to preserve a bottle for a few days, a budget-friendly preserver with a vacuum pump and stoppers is a practical solution. Although it may not offer the same longevity as the Coravin system, it provides a convenient way to keep an open bottle of wine drinkable, preventing wastage. This is one of the tools that I use more often.

Vacuum Wine Pump + 4 Stoppers


Wine Pourer Disks

These small yet impactful accessories are instrumental in achieving a controlled and consistent pour, preventing drips and spills while pouring the wine, ensuring that each glass of wine is presented impeccably and your table remains clean.

Wine Pourer Disks


Wine Cooler


For keeping a bottle at the perfect temperature, a glacette is essential. Whether hosting a gathering or enjoying a leisurely afternoon, a wine cooler ensures that every sip is as refreshing as the first, enhancing the overall wine-tasting experience. It’s another tool that you can find in any shape or price. Here’s a sober and yet useful one.

Wine Cooler Sleeve


What’s your essential tool?


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