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The Power of New Creator Management Tools in Meta Business Suite


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Attention, agencies! Meta Business Suite has released a major upgrade with a suite of creator management tools, designed to revolutionise how you handle your talent across the entire Meta universe.
Why the buzz? These tools cut through the complexity, empowering agencies with insightful analytics, profile management, and other features, paving the way for smooth brand collaborations while ensuring user privacy.


What are the pros of Creator Management Tools in Meta Business Suite?

Effortless Connections: Ditch onboarding headaches. One-click permissions seamlessly link creators to your agency, granting access to essential assets and information.

Unified Revenue Dashboard: No more chasing payments. Direct creator earnings to your agency account outside of Facebook, simplifying reconciliation and aligning with contracts.

Enhanced Security: Breathe easy. Eliminate password sharing with a direct account link, keeping access secure and transparent. But there’s more.

Agencies get a comprehensive toolkit and benefits

Granular Access Control: Assign specific permissions to team members, ensuring optimal access and control.
Monetisation Management: Link your payment account to creator income streams for effortless consolidation and streamlined finances.
Relationship Management: Review requests, manage partnerships, and gracefully dissolve collaborations when needed.
Performance Insights: Gain valuable data on creator page earnings to inform content strategies and maximize results.

Creators get their own benefits too

Review partnership requests: Choose who you work with and ensure a perfect fit.
Monitor collaborations: Stay informed and in control of all agency agreements.
Take the reins: Easily terminate partnerships if needed.

This empowers agencies to manage diverse creator portfolios efficiently and unlock partnerships across Meta Business Suite.
Learn more about Agency Management Tools for creators here.

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