About Me

According to the latest data, the average person spends 2 hours and a half on social media daily, and the trend is increasing. Could you imagine reaching more clients through these channels every day?

I can help you make this job effective, create a concrete strategy and reach the right target.

I am a professional digital communicator and expert in social media marketing.


If you’re selling to everyone, you’re selling to no one. Target identification is an essential step of a marketing strategy and a good starting point.​

I can support you with all operational aspects of SMM, from analysing your profiles to creating an editorial plan and content.​

You know you need to be on social media to be visible, but you don’t know how to manage it. I’ll build a tailored strategy to help you reach more clients.​

“For every minute spent organising, an hour is earned.” A good SMM strategy needs organisation. I can teach you how to do that.​

Content needs to be attractive and unique. I’ll help you build your brand identity to make you immediately recognisable. Colours, style and tone of voice are only some of the aspects that need to be considered.​

An essential step to bringing in new customers, getting leads and increasing brand awareness. But ADV only works when done properly. I can build campaigns that suit your goals.​

My 10-year experience in the hospitality and wine industry has helped me to deeply understand this world and identify what effective communication is based on and that incorrect management could be ineffective and compromise the brand's image. 


In this era of technology, it's essential to be well-positioned online and to trust professionals who can help you in a personalised mannerI aim to enhance your online presence and digital communication.


When wine and food meet, the magic begins. But how hard is it to choose the right products? I offer consulting services to restaurants and bars to create wine lists, pairing events and different aspects of wine and hospitality. ​

Social media marketing’s relationship with the food and beverage industry is quite recent but has huge potential. Social media is your calling card and I can help you to make it excellent! ​

Creating blog posts, social media posts, articles or any kind of SEO-oriented written content related to wine requires cross-skills. Good news, I can create the right content for you. We can discuss single articles or packages.​

In a world where wine production grows constantly and everyone tries to stand out from the crowd, efficient and tailored communication is essential. I can help you do this by representing your brand worldwide.​

The internet is full of stock photos, that could have been taken from any vineyard in the world. If you want to differentiate your brand you need to create unique content. I can help you with videos, graphics and professional photos if needed (in collaboration with professional photographers)​

Wine is a world you’ll never fully explore. One of my aims is to make this world easily accessible to everyone. I’m available for wine education sessions for different levels and specific topics. ​